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Our Family

Stephanie Buffington
Founder and Producer

Stephanie began traveling the world as the chaperone for the Dating Game. In the years since, she has traveled to over 45 countries following her passion for adventure in the world’s tribal cultures. She has danced with the Kuchi tribes in the deserts of Afghanistan and played drums with the Ganawa people in Morocco.

Stephanie formed Tribal Music Tours in 1995 to share her passion and knowledge with others. Since her first trip to Bali in 1980, Steffi has fallen in love with the beauty, culture and spiritual majesty of this island paradise. In 2008 TMT escorted 22 drummers and cultural travelers from around the globe to create the 1st annual “Sacred Drum Festival of Ubud” which has helped raise money for Balinese handicapped children. TMT now includes these kinds of “hands on” charitable events in the tours as a way for the group to give back and interface with the culture on a deeper level.

For the last ten years, Steffi has hosted world music events in So. California where she continues her ministerial training at Agape International Spiritual Center. By leading groups with Tribal Music Tours, Stephanie is realizing her vision help people experience our planet as a global village. Through rhythm and ceremony, she guides travelers to reconnect with what is ancient and eternal inside themselves.

Christine Stevens
Guest Facilitator

Christine Stevens is a modern day troubadour who introduces people all over the world to musical expression in the form of drum circles. Through her company UpBeat Drum Circles, Christine offers programs for corporate teambuilding, diversity training, and personal growth seminars. A featured speaker, Christine is equally at home in the middle of a 1,000-person drum circle or on the podium addressing thousands of professionals. As Director of Music Therapy and Wellness Programs at Remo Drum Company, Christine has led music and wellness seminars in England, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and the United States.

Based in Los Angeles, UpBeat Drum Circles is a visionary consulting company that incorporates drumming into diversity training, corporate teambuilding, health & wellness presentations and events.

Connor Sauer
Guest Facilitator

Connor began exploring the Divine Feminine, wilderness vision quests, community building and learning from Indigenous Elders in the 1970’s. She has lived in America’s Wilderness National Parks for 35 years, raising a family in that lifestyle. Connor is well known for her all-women Vision Quest River Trips through the Grand Canyon, founding a 23 year evolving women’s spiritual community in the Northwest USA, and ceremonial collaborations throughout the Americas. Her passion for women’s spiritual and creative expression through drumming, song, dance and ceremony has spanned over three decades. Since 1980 when she completed a 3 month solo trek in the Himalayas, Connor has been deeply involved in cultivating cross-cultural relationship, communication, collaboration, and the return to a respectful way of living upon the Earth.

Creating her company Core Alchemy, Connor currently delights in guiding people into Mastery of Navigating Life from a core, natural, aware and vibrant way of being through one on one consults as well as seminars and gatherings.

Barbara Mintz
Guest Facilitator

Barbara has studied Western classical dance forms (ballet and modern). and attended Adelphi University, The Julliard School and Empire State College (SUNY) where she completed her B.S. in Dance Therapy. She is also studied improvisation, African dance, yoga, Sacred Arabic belly dance, martial arts (Pencak Silat), Balinese dance and Indian dance.

Barbara was drawn to Bali as it was a place where worship through dance was still being performed in the temples. She has lived there for the last 20 years, studying Balinese dance for many years of those years with 90 year old dance master Sang Ayu. In Bali, she developed a Holistic dance technique which combines and integrates all her studies, to encourage and support awareness, healing, and joy of movement. She is a renowned teacher who has taught and performed internationally as well.

Tjokorda Gede Rai

Tjokorda Gede Rai is a master healer and fountain of traditional knowledge and wisdom. He bridges the traditional models and symbology of Bali with the modern context with an ease that is irrepressible and fascinating, and full of a resonance which is deeply transformative for all who encounter him.

He is the grandson of the last King of Ubud and is considered one of the most important healers in Bali. He has been written about in medical journals and books, and his “clients” include well-known celebrities and medical experts, to local Balinese and Indonesians. He has trained hundreds of healers worldwide. His teaching comes from traditional Balinese lontars (sacred texts) passed down from generation to generation. Besides his healing work, which is particularly sensitive to identifying and correcting imbalances in the body-mind system, he teaches his own system of modre, gestures and movements, called ‘Pranala’ to enhance the balance of mind and body and aid accomplishment and fulfilment in daily life.

Tjokorda’s work – with its emphasis on development through the balancing and lively integration of opposites – is a modern and extremely relevant expression of currents that profoundly shape the Balinese way of life.

Idris Hester
Guest Facilitator

Idris Hester is an acclaimed professional musician, member of the AGAPE Drum Ministry and International Spiritual Center where he is a practitioner and ministerial student. He was trained by Dr. Barry Bittman and Christine Stevens and is a certified Health Rhythms Facilitator and has assisted in many of their programs. He has created the universal “Drummunication” experience, a simple yet deeply moving rhythmic process that allows participant to get in touch with their authentic Self to make healing shifts out of negative and limiting patterns. He has worked with religious organizations, schools and treatment centers for drugs and substance abuse with overwhelming positive outcomes. Known as the “Miracle Man” by overcoming his own “terminal” health issues, Idris is a true modern day urban shaman who’s powerful workshops will leave you uplifted and transformed.